(August, 2009)

"Clever Cleaning TIPS From the Pro's"

Instead of running for the feather duster or diaper-cloth to clean your electronics and woodwork - reach for your vacuum cleaner!

The dusting tools and attachments provided on most vacuum cleaners are intended to make quick and effective work of dusting duty in your house:

* Take advantage of the flexible hose and dusting brush to gently sweep your TV, computer keyboard or shelves while whisking away sneezy dust safely into the vacuum's filter bag. Your crevice tool can sneak between the cushions of the couch or deep into the dryer lint trap.

* Use the same tools with the added length from your extension wand to reach high places like crown molding and dusty ceiling fans.

* Seek out the dust bunnies and cobwebs in low or hard to reach places like under the kitchen cabinets or behind the couch!

Your vacuum is the most versatile and effective cleaning tool in your arsenal. Use it to your advantage!

By: Rachel Decker

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