(November, 2009)

"Enjoy a GREENER, Cleaner Home in 3 Easy Steps!
(and give the planet a break too!)

The red and gold colors of fall are creeping in - but GREEN is always in season! Doing
our part to help the planet starts at home. But guess what? Being environmentally responsible also has great benefits for your home and family!

Here are 3 easy (yet commonly overlooked) things you can do to make cleaning more fun, effective, and environmentally friendly:

1. Use an efficient vacuum cleaner
A good, efficient vacuum like the Miele S7 upright (pictured above) can pick up more dirt in less time, with great ease and agility. Most importantly, it will trap that dust so that is doesn't spew back into your breathing air and settle on surfaces like your walls and furniture (yuck!) The production of electricity can be a big strain on our environment. With Miele- very little time, effort, and electrical energy is wasted running the vacuum unnecessarily!

2. Use a quality vacuum cleaner
Did you know that quality vacuum brands like Miele & Sebo are designed to last up to 20 years?! Instead of buying multiple cheap, "throw away" vacuums - be responsible by investing in one good machine! Not only will your cleaning chores be done faster and better - but think how much energy, natural resources, money and space in the landfill will be SAVED!!

3. Use natural, plant-based household cleaning products
This is an easy one...The next time you run out of Windex® glass cleaner, or your favorite conventional, toxic all-purpose cleaner - REPLACE IT with a more responsible choice! Our favorite is Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day® brand aromatherapeutic household cleaners. Mrs. Meyer's offers earth-friendly, plant-based, biodegradable, cruelty-free products that smell absolutely heavenly and REALLY WORK!! We've personally replaced all of our products at home including window spray, dish soap, even our laundry detergent with Meyer's! It's made cleaning a lot more fun. And to reduce our technician's repeated exposure to harsh chemicals, we even use Meyer's to clean the vacuums we service! Come into Queen Vacuum to try it for yourself! FREE SAMPLES AVAILABLE!

By: Rachel Decker

Good vacuums are not hard to find - you just need to know where to look! Learn more about better choices of vacuums on our website, www.queenvacuum.com/sales. Call or stop in our shop any time for more explanation, information, or a demonstration.


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